Paris - Amalfi Coast - Naples - Pompeii - Rome Masons Adventure


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A Parisian / Italian Masons Adventure Designed Specifically for Masons, Families, and Friends

 Paris – Amalfi Coast – Naples – Pompeii - Rome

October 6 – October 15, 2023
$3760.00 Land Only**
Tour Code: 224126


On October 6, 2023, you will depart the USA to begin your Parisian / Italian Masons Adventure, beginning in Paris and endling in Italy. You are responsible for booking and reserving your own roundtrip airline flights from the USA to Paris and returning to the US from Rome. EA Tours will be available to assist/guide you with the process and the booking of your flight reservations. You will be given very precise information as to the time to meet and where to meet the group in Paris on October 7, 2023. The flight from Paris to Naples is included in your tour price and arranged by EA Tours.

All applications received by and/or prior to APRIL 1, 2023 will receive a free Seine River Cruise.


October 7– October 10, 2023

Paris waits to greet you on October 7th with all the charm and elegance for which it is famous. The Arc de Triumph, Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, and Place de la Concorde are among a few of the important sights in this “City of Light” you will enjoy on your guided city tour*. You will finish your first night in Paris with dinner*. October 8th begins with a guided visit of the Louvre* (the world’s largest art museum), housing such legends as the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa. From the Louvre you will enjoy a self-paced visit of the Musee d’Orsay*. On the morning of October 9th, you will travel outside of Paris by train to Versailles*, home to Louis XIV, the Sun King. The opulent Palace and the surrounding grounds will astound you! This evening, you will see the “City of Light” from the second level of the Eiffel Tower*. On the morning of October 10th, you will depart Paris by plane for Naples, Italy.


October 10 – October 12, 2023

Upon arrival to Naples, you will be met by your bus and taken immediately to a local vineyard for a wine tasting visit and lunch*. Following your lunch and winery visit, you will be transferred to your hotel nearby to the beautiful and romantic town of Sorrento. Upon completion of your hotel check-in, the afternoon is free for you to explore and enjoy personal sightseeing. Dinner tonight is included. October 11th takes you on a full day excursion to see the magnificent Isle of Capri*. You will travel roundtrip from Sorrento on a fast Ferry Ship (about 35 minutes) to the port of Capri. From the port area of Capri, you will take the Funicular* to Anacapri, where you will enjoy numerous wonderful shops and outdoor cafes. A mid-afternoon departure is scheduled for your return to the port of Sorrento. The evening is yours to stroll the charming streets and to enjoy your evening dinner (on your own). The morning of October 12th takes you from the Amalfi Coast to Naples and Pompeii. Your first stop takes you for a guided walking tour of the archaeological wonder of Pompeii*. From Pompeii, you continue to Naples for a meeting with a local Masons group. Following your visit to Napoli, you will transfer to Rome for your hotel check-in.


October 12 – October 15, 2023

Upon completion of hotel check-in and dinner (included), your first evening in Rome begins with the discovery of the impressive sites of the historic district of Rome. You will enjoy such sites as Piazza Navona, Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain. Dinner is included tonight. Begin October 13th with a guided visit to the awe-inspiring architecture of the Colosseum* and Forum*. Imagine the battles of the Gladiators as you explore the Colosseum and experience first-hand thousands of years of history as you walk through the Forum. The afternoon offers you the opportunity to meet fellow Roman Masons. The evening is yours to explore on your own while you discover one of many wonderful Roman restaurants. Your final day in Italy, October 14th, begins with a guided visit of the ever-important Vatican Museum* and St. Peter’s Basilica*. Being in the heart of Vatican City can be inspiring and fascinating. Your final afternoon is devoted exclusively for you to enjoy last minute shopping and sightseeing before your departure the next day. Your farewell dinner is included tonight*. The morning of October 15th marks the end of your Parisian / Italian Masons Adventure. Bon Voyage and safe travels as you venture home with fond memories and wonderful photos.




SPECIAL TOUR CONDITIONS: The per person Land Only package (excluding airfare) price is $3760. Trip price is based on double/twin occupancy and includes point to point transportation between cities while in Europe, all breakfasts, 1 lunch (wine tasting) and 4 evening meals. Additionally, *Entrance fees and/or transportation marked with an asterisk, such as city tours in Paris, Rome, Eiffel Tower ascent ticket to second level, entrance ticket and guided visit of Pompeii, entrance ticket and guided visit of the Colossseum and Forum, entrance ticket and guided visit of Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica, Ferry tickets to Capri, entrance ticket and guided visit of the Louvre, entrance to Musee d’Orsay are included in the tour price. In the unlikely event that EA Tours cancels the tour and is unable to operate a substitute itinerary, the tour cost including the initial deposit is fully refundable. Additional items may be offered optionally, are subject to availability and are not included in the tour price. A guaranteed single room may be available for a supplemental charge of $900.00. Included are the estimated applicable governmental international taxes, security surcharges, and associated fees. If applicable, unforeseen tax increases will be billed on a supplemental invoice. A minimum number of paying participants may be required to operate the tour.

A $500.00 non-refundable (for any reason) application fee / deposit is required to reserve your space on this tour AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. All tour participants must submit an online application. Please go to “Student/Traveler Sign Up” on the home page at Your tour number is 224126 and must be entered on your online application. Very specific conditions relating to Covid 19 apply and are listed in the Tour Conditions of the online Participation Agreement and Application at PLEASE NOTE: At the time of the printing of this brochure, the Italian government does not require proof of Covid 19 vaccine, or any other vaccine. However, by submitting your application and deposit, you acknowledge that, because we live in an ever changing world, if travel restrictions were to go into effect (for WHATEVER REASON) you are SUBJECT TO THE CANCELLATION / REFUND conditions as outlined in your application and participation agreement. A second payment of $1000.00, for which you will receive an invoice, will be due no later than 30 days from the date that EA Tours receives your initial payment and online application. Final payments are due no later than ninety (90) days before departure.

Updated tour details (hotels, day by day itinerary, flights, etc.) are scheduled to be released approximately four weeks prior to departure. Please note: Additional tour conditions apply and are listed in the Tour Conditions Section on the Online Application. Applicable items listed above may supersede those listed in the tour conditions section on the online application.

This program is being offered to Masons and their families and friends around the US as a “land only” program. You will be given very precise information as to the time to meet and where to meet the group in Paris on the October 7, 2023, the first day in Europe of your Parisian Italian Masons Adventure. You are responsible for booking and reserving your own airline roundtrip flights from the USA to Paris and returning to the US from Rome. EA Tours will be available to assist/guide you with the process and the booking of your flight reservations. The flight from Paris to Naples is included in your tour price and arranged by EA Tours.


FAQ & Travel Tips!

Spending Money:  Difficult to place a daily amount on that because everyone’s spending habits are different.  A good rule of thumb is $100.00/day.  That would allow for souvenirs, a pint (or two), and food.  However, the amount of daily spending money needed is completely up to the individual.

Travel Visa:  You do NOT need a travel visa, but everyone MUST have a current and valid PASSPORT that does not expire before April 1, 2023.

ATMs:  Check with your bank about making international withdraws from ATMs in Britain.  I have found this to be the easiest way to restock the pocket cash reserves while traveling through the UK.  Many Banks will waive ATMs fee, but I STRONGLY suggest you discuss with your local banker.

Food included as part of tour:  Please visit EA Tours web page they have set up just for our tour.  It will give you the complete itinerary.  Dinners that are included with the tour are listed on the day’s itinerary.

Breakfast:  Breakfast is provided each morning at the hotel.  Make sure you give yourself enough time to have some breakfast before our coach leaves for the day’s adventures!

Euros in your pocket:  It is always a good idea to have some currency of your destination in your pocket before you start a journey.  Consider exchanging enough Dollars for Euros to get you through the first few days of the trip.  You can always hit the ATMs once we get acclimated and our travel routine started in Paris, but the first few days will be busy and it will make life easier if you have some Euros in your pocket when you arrive.

Transportation while exploring on your own: Taxis are always available and are typically cleaner than what is found in the US.  If you are techies, I found it easy to travel by UBER in both Paris and Roma. The subway (AKA The Paris Metro) in Paris is also a good choice if you choose to move around any distance in that city.  

Comfortable walking shoes:  You should expect to do a bit of walking, so think about the shoes you will be wearing.  Plan to bring a comfortable pair of shoes that will stand the possibility of damp weather.

Personal Responsibility and Tour expectations: It is always fun to explore new places and to meet new people, but no one wants to be “that” person that caused the other 30+ people on the tour to be late or rushed.  Please be aware of all group functions and coach departure times.  Our Tour Guide will make sure to announce when and where to meet for each scheduled gathering and departure.

When will airline tickets be delivered: This is a LAND ONLY Tour - which means you will be responsible for your own airline ticket to get you to Paris and for your return ticket home from Rome.  This package DOES include your airfare to get you from Paris to Rome.

What airport is recommended for Paris and Rome?  You are in control of when you arrive in Paris and when you leave Rome.  You may want to arrive a day or more ahead of the tour, or stay a day or more after the tour.  The closet airport to Paris is: Charles DeGail International (CDG), and the closet to Rome is Fumicino (FCO).

Proper Dress for Houses of Worship:  We will be visiting a number of beautiful churches.  These Houses of Worship are open to the public and we will share them with many other travellers. They do not expect you to wear your “Sunday best”. I am sure the clothes you have planned to wear as we travel around Paris and Italy will be acceptable.

Are converters needed:  YES!  If you plan to take any electronic devise (phone, iPad, tablet, hairdryer, etc.) from here to Paris and Italy you WILL need an electrical converter!  Make sure the converter you purchase is made for the European outlets.  There are many offered on or in most places where luggage is sold.

Will there be hairdryers in the hotels:  I cannot guarantee that each place we stay will have a hairdryer in the room.  I’m sure some may, but am also as confident that some may not.  So, it is a good idea to pack a small hairdryer in your luggage if you require one each day.

Will we be required to pay for luggage:  No. Each person is allowed a standard suitcase (I believe up to 50 lbs.) and two carry on bags (One personal bag – purse, book bag – and another small travel bag.  MAY I SUGGEST, that the fewer bags you bring, the easier your trip will be for moving luggage.  I will be travelling with my suitcase (checked) and a shoulder bag (carry on).

Is Patrick Craddock a Freemason:  Yes.  I was Raised on 11 November 1988, in O.D. Smith Lodge No. 33, Oxford, MS.  I am a Past Master of Conlegium Ritus Austeri, Nashville, TN.  I have articles (either about me or written by me) in Northern Light Magazine, The Scottish Rite Journal, The California Freemason, and The Masonic Society Journal.  Although I reside in Kentucky, I hold membership in Lodges in the Grand Lodges of California and Kansas.  I received my Order of the Temple degree in DePaynes Commandery, Franklin, TN.


SPACE IS LIMITED ON THIS TOUR. Please submit your online application as soon as possible.