About TCA


The Craftsman's Apron is dedicated to providing Freemasons with the highest quality Masonic regalia, gifts, and personal effects available. Our goal is to help our noble Craft regain the elegance and dignity that was once the hallmark of Freemasonry and for our regalia to be recognized as the distinguished badge of every Mason.


At TCA, we only use real lambskin because we believe that ritual, and the symbolic meaning of the apron, is more important than just words used for a degree. Thus, we go to great lengths to procure the best naturally tanned whole lambskin hides available.

It is our belief that each Brother’s “Badge of a Mason” should be a direct and personal reflection of his commitment to the Craft. Each apron is hand cut and hand made by our artisan craftsmen, and, should a Brother or Lodge wish, we will create a distinctive - bespoke - design that is specific to the individual or Lodge. This drive for unapologetic quality permeates our company and is reflected in every product that we produce. 

Why Regalia?

Your own journey in Freemasonry should have proven that the apron is the most important symbol to the Craft as it is the physical representation of what the Craft is. To a thoughtful Brother the apron should remain the focal point of his self examination and reflection - and should be the focus of continued reflection and self examination - year after year - as he grows and matures in life and in Masonry. He will consider what it means to be worn with dignity and honor. He will reflect on his actions and will consider the apron as a reminder, or standard, for his actions and deeds.

It is often said that dress is the first impression of identity that one person conveys to another. It is for this same reason your apron should be considered every time you enter the Lodge.

Have you ever attended a Lodge and worn a borrowed apron pulled from a drawer or box outside the door of the Lodge? Have you ever seen that one apron with coffee stains on it? If you grab one of those old worn out loaner aprons from the box and tie it around your waist as you hurry into the Lodge room, do you “wear it with pleasure to yourself and honor to the Fraternity?”

We suggest that the best way to start a period of introspection is by donning an apron of exceptional quality and beauty, an apron that YOU purchased for YOUR own use, an apron that you have a personal and intimate relationship with. It is YOUR "badge of a Mason" and the one piece of regalia that you should take the most pride in. It may be a plain lambskin of elegant proportion or it may be heavily decorated – but it should never be made of cheap material or shoddy construction.

Your apron is the most personal way to express your commitment to Freemasonry.

Origin of The Craftsman's Apron

In 1991, Patrick Craddock wanted a period-correct reproduction Masonic apron to use while participating in American Civil War living history programs. He found very few who understood what he was looking for and no one who offered such a product for sale. He began researching what Masonic aprons looked like during the mid-nineteenth century and decided to make one himself - even though he had never picked up a paint brush. From that, the seeds of what would become The Craftsman’s Apron were planted. It took less than a month for Brethren to start asking Patrick to make unique aprons for them, too.

Throughout the early 1990’s to 2009, Patrick produced aprons in the evenings and on weekends as a sideline business. From a hobby born of necessity, The Craftsman's Apron has become the foremost purveyor of quality Masonic regalia in North America. Today our aprons are worn in thirty-five States and five foreign countries. In addition to our aprons we have increased our product line to include custom ties, Lodge banners, cuff links, officer jewels, and collars.