About Our Stock Apron Design Process

Process Used to Create Our Stock Custom Masonic Aprons

We receive many inquiries regarding the process used to create our custom and stock Masonic aprons. Before receiving our product, many clients believe that me may use a screen printing technique, iron on, or even a heat transfer method. None of those is correct. Here is the process we use:

First, an original digital design is created by our artists, in house. Everything we offer at The Craftsman’s Apron is original art that will not be found at other regalia suppliers.

Second, the image is applied to the hand cut lambskin by a commercial grade, museum quality, art reproduction system. This system is the same as used to produce canvas copies of historic works of art. It is a full color, full spectrum image that creates the appearance of an hand painted piece of art. The pigment is set to the lambskin by a UV light applied during the print process.

This process allows us to customize each apron to the individual client and allows our clients the unprecedented ability to receive a full color work of art designed and produced especially for them! This allows The Craftsman’s Apron to create unique and beautiful designs that not only shows off our craftsmanship, but also encourages artistry and elegance to once again flourish within the Craft.

Patrick Craddock, OWNER
The Craftsman’s Apron