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  • prometheus lodge masonic lodge officer aprons prometheus lodge custom masonic officer aprons custom masonic aprons

    Detail of Bespoke Aprons made for the officers of Prometheus Lodge No. 851, San Francisco, California

  • scottish rite journal craddock masonic aprons

    Click here to read Bro. Craddock's article in the May/June 2013 edition
    of the Scottish Rite Journal

  • Masonic Apron YouTube Video Craddock

    Learn about the history and importance of the Masonic Apron in a video featuring our proprietor,
    W ∴ Bro. Patrick Craddock.

  • custom masonic apron

    "Bro. Craddock is an incredibly skilled and quite historically knowledgeable artisan. His attention to the finest detail is incredible. Pat creates truly unique one of a kind aprons that are true works of art. Simply put… outstanding."
    Bro. Daniel Houde
    Cobleskill Lodge No. 394
    Cobleskill, NY

Masonic Aprons, Rings, and Gifts from The Craftsman's Apron

The Craftsman's Apron believes that a Masonic Apron is the most essential physical representation of a man's commitment to the Craft, and therefore should be made of the highest quality to represent the Brother who wears it. We relentlessly pursue exquisite levels of quality. All of our aprons are made by hand with focus on the every detail. Whether you seek a simple lambskin apron, customized apron or bespoke apron, we offer exquisitely crafted Master Mason aprons, Past Master aprons, Lodge Officer aprons, Scottish Rite aprons.

We also take pride in representing the Craft in other ways. We offer Masonic clothing, Masonic rings, Masonic accessories, original Masonic artwork, Masonic gifts, and more. Shop our online collections to find the perfect way to symbolize your dedication to the Craft.

To learn more about the different tiers of aprons that we offer, click here for a detailed explanation.